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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Here I am using my handy dandy transit level to set the point of origin for the new rooms. I used the existing rear corner of the house to set a straight line across the back. Then, I set the transit to the line, 32' and 2" from the edge of the old house, swung the transit 90º to set the second line to the house.

After I established my point of origin (the corner nearest the camera) I began setting the blocks. I had to draw lines (with the transit level) to establish the north line and the west line. This has everything lined up with the back of the existing house, then 90º towards the existing rear. So far, so good.

Next up, I had to set the beams. They had to be leveled to the existing floor inside. I went all the way around the house with the ledger beam to keep things level with the existing floor. Guess what, it all came out level.

This is the trailer shortly after I began building the beams and the floor framing. I had to go to two different lumber yards to get the right size lumber for the project. As you can tell, it was a close fit and the trailer held its weight well.

I started building and setting the beams in place.

Next I added the floor joist.

This is the finished floor section, waiting on the subfloor. I will not add the subfloor until I know the framers are a couple of days away. This is all treated wood, so it can handle the rain.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Finished the Bead Board

This is my work area...I have more work space here than in my garage!
Above I am nailing up the final framing for the gable. There is a light fixture and flat plywood panel across the top.
Above I am framing the light fixture. I had to leeeeaaaan out a little to nail the 2x4's.
More nailing on the light fixture.
The bead board and panels are installed, ready for the trim! Thanks for lookin'.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

More Gable

Framed and installed the siding for the inside porch gable. We had more high winds, gust up to 40 mph, so those plywood panels were acting like sails in the wind. It is hard to tell from this angle, but I incorporated Frank Lloyd Wright cantilever design for the gable end framing.

Friday, April 1, 2011

Framed The Porch Gable

The above photo shows all the beams are framed.
The inside porch gable is now framed. Next I have to panel the front and back gable inside, then I will put up the siding on the gable rafters.
Just another photo showing the gable. I'm pooped!

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Well, I have been at the farm working at work and working on the house. I have only been able to spend about 3-4 hours a day 'cause I am also working at my real job too. I finished the bead board on the porch left side. I also ran the electrical for the two flood lights on the roof corners. I realized I forgot the right side before I put in the bead board and closed in the ceiling area. That caused me to crawl in the roof space to run the cable. Fortunately I remembered the floodlights before I finished the left side, so I ran that cable while I ran the porch lights.

In addition to the bead board, I framed in three of the beams; the left porch front and rear beam and the gable rear beam. I have two more to finish; the front gable beam and the rear right porch beam. After I finish those two I will begin to frame in the gable ceiling. The top photo is a closer shot of the left side bead board and the new beams, plus you can see the electrical wire I ran. Below is a front elevation photo of the porch at this can see the two sections with bead board installed and the new beams. By the way, Tuesday afternoon, the wind kicked up to about 20 mph, so it was fun positioning those 1"X12" 12' facing boards up 10 feet. Reminded me of trying to cross Seawall Blvd. in Galveston with our rented surf boards back in the '60's.